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Anyone tried Athletic Greens or anything similar?
Are these superfood/vegetable/green smoothie things actually worthwhile or are they the new multivitamin craze that you largely just pee out?

I’d say I’m decent about eating my vegetables, but I’m sure I’m not getting as many as I could. Thinking something like this might be helpful, especially the gut health dynamic, but I don’t know if it’s worth it.

Thoughts? Anyone tried it?

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re: Anyone tried Athletic Greens or anything similar?
I tried Super Greens for a while. I didn't notice much difference and the taste was hard to get passed. Currently using the vegan meal replacement from Garden of Life. It has a green component to it and dissolves very well and the chocolate is very good. Also tried Ka Chava, but my stomach didn't agree with it.

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Dixie Normus
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re: Anyone tried Athletic Greens or anything similar?
While a little different, I’ve been drinking Huel Black for breakfast and like it. I’m bad about getting up and making food so it helps to have something quick.

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