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College Hoops 2k8
Does anyone remember this game? I think im going find it a local gamestop because I am feining for some college hoops and in my opinion this was the best basketball game ever made. I pray every night college video games will come available for ps4 but looks like it wont ever happen.

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re: College Hoops 2k8
Deepest dynasty mode ever imo

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re: College Hoops 2k8
I bought NCAA 2k10 at Gamestop used a couple of years ago and it was the first PS3 disk I ever purchased that my system couldn't read. I was disappointed because it looked awesome.

The screenshots of 2K8 look horrible, but I bet it still plays well.

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re: College Hoops 2k8
If you have NBA 2K18, they have a college roster for it on both PS4 and XB1. It's not every team in college basketball obviously, but jerseys, court designs, etc. is all in there
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re: College Hoops 2k8
Absolute most bad arse game ever. Everything from that game had depth. Even had a selection show that previewed upcoming tournament games.

Man it would be bad arse if that game could come back. It took the NCAA franchise years to schedule a neutral site game, and this was had it on place with a better atmosphere.

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re: College Hoops 2k8
It was the best sim dynasty maybe ever in a sports game. I loved how you could take a mid major program and turn it into the next Butler. The most realistic part was that the elite programs could have down years and average programs could have a couple of good years. It had a weekly show that had highlights and did game recaps.

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re: College Hoops 2k8



If you can`t find one, let me know. I might sell you my copy.
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