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What's on the smoker/grill this weekend? BRING ON BARRY edition
We are hunkered down here in South Mississippi.

Tomorrow: reverse seared thick-cut ribeyes on the kettle (using the slow n'sear)
Saturday: 2.5 lb angus chuck roast smoked Texas style (salt, pepper, oak, approximately 240 degrees until hits 195)
Sunday: yellowfin tuna steaks seared over high heat with salt and pepper (wife will be making an Asian style sauce to go with the tuna)

Drinks: Woodford Reserve; Miller Lite

Any tips for the chuck roast? I've heard it's "poor man's brisket." I have parchment paper and aluminum foil but not butcher paper. I want to wrap it in butcher paper as I've heard that keeps in moisture without softening the bark. Will parchment paper achieve that effect without unnecessary chemical flavors? I know what foil will do, but I'm trying to avoid that if possible. Anyone ever dried out a chuck roast before? I guess I could just let it go.
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re: What's on the smoker/grill this weekend? BRING ON BARRY edition
I do my chucks a bit different than brisket. I'll smoke for about three hours to get good smoke penetration, then put them on top of a wire rack in those disposable half-sheet pans. Then add some beef broth, leftover rub, and either some Worcestershire or fish sauce (be careful with the second one) but not so much that it touches the bottom of the chucks on the rack. Then cook until normal brisket temp/feel covered with foil.

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re: What's on the smoker/grill this weekend? BRING ON BARRY edition
I smoked a Chuck first time last week and it was ok. I did it similar to a brisket, smoked on kettle @ 250-270 until internal was around 170, wrapped and back on until 200, pulled off and rested for over an hour. It looked exactly like a brisket but still tasted like a roast.


Y’all stay safe. Good luck.
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