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Habanero jelly
I have about 10 ripe habaneros, anyone have any recipes for jelly?

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re: Habanero jelly

I have about 10 ripe habaneros, anyone have any recipes for jelly?

I don't have a recipe for that small an amount since I usually use about 50 or more when I make it but the ingredients I use are as follows:

Seed and remove the pith in the habs. Dice them up, along with some bell pepper in green red and yellow for some color if you want it to look cool.

In a pot, put white sugar and vinegar and let that come to a low boil and then add the peppers and let that simmer for several minutes to get the flavors going.

Last thing to do is add pectin that allows the jelly to set and stir that in well, then quickly place the jelly in Mason jars and be sure to wipe off any jelly on the rim of the jar. Place the sealing lid on the top of the jar and cinch it down with the screw on ring.

As the jelly cools you will need to flip the jars several times to keep the peppers suspended in the liquid until it cools enough to start setting.

If you don't do this, the peppers will rise to the upper portion of the jar and when it sets you will have a layer of peppers and jelly in the rest of the jar.

There are lots of recipes on the net and many videos on u-tube to show you how it's done.

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