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Week 13 throwers
There's a guy in my league who threw his game this week so his opponent would make the playoffs and keep me out. Played TY Hilton, Deebo Samuel and Thielen and kept Robert Woods and Amari Cooper on the bench.

How much do we hate this guy and is there anything to do besides an arse beating and talking with the commissioner.

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re: Week 13 throwers
Contact the commissioner. Some commissioners will correct their line up..

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re: Week 13 throwers

Contact the commissioner. Some commissioners will correct their line up..

hopefully he's been doing that all year too

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re: Week 13 throwers
Had a guy pull this move to make it harder for me to make the playoffs. He wanted what he thought was an easier team to beat in the playoffs.

Sounds harsh, but changed the way I looked at him as a person. It’s chicken shite. Best part is even if he hadn’t pulled the stunt I would have narrowly missed the playoffs anyway. He did it for nothing.

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re: Week 13 throwers
I'd ask commissioner to edit his lineup. This can be controversial AFTER the games have been played and we know what everyone scored...but in this case, I think we can objectively agree that TY and Theilen were inactives and clearly shouldn't have been played. I'd assume Woods/Cooper were his next best options that the average person would've started. Or the commissioner can just edit to replace the inactives with whoever had the highest projections, ignoring what they actually scored.

This is definitely bush league and ya'll should kick this guy out.

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