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what to do while healing from bulging disc?
I used to be very active in endurance running all the time and competing in triathlons. About 2.5 years ago I took a break from that due to little nagging injuries and then really got out of shape over 2020. I started up with crossfit in February and have really enjoyed it. I've had lower back pain and tightness for about 1.5 years. The pain never went down my legs and never hurt specifically with any lifting movements. Wentbto the doc this week as the pain has definitely shot down my left leg. Steroids and muscle relaxers and I can already feel a huge difference in 3 days. Doc said easily 4-6 weeks off from any weight bearing exercise.

Problem is I was just starting to make some real progress. Any suggestions on things to focus on in during this time off that won't affect the lower back. I'm already on a mission to improve my pull-ups. Will be stretching as much as possible. And will kick up the pushup and core workouts.

Anyone have any experience coming back from this? Are air squats still acceptable? I'd like to improve my range of motion to stop any possible "butt wink"

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re: what to do while healing from bulging disc?
I’ve dealt with that more times than I want to admit. It really depends on what causes the injury. Could be form. Could be unbalanced and weaknesses in certain areas that make other body parts compensate and put shear load on your back. Get yourself to where you aren’t in pain. When you train, only train in the ROM that is outside of the pain. Don’t push to the pain, and do not push through pain. Work on hip mobility, ankle mobility, strengthen your core and posterior chain.

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