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re: Where the white women at?
Right here. I don’t always agree with everything Trump says, but what he has accomplished is undeniable. It’s obvious he loves this country and the men, women and children who live here. He believes in what the flag stands for, what we as a nation have been and what we still can be. In 2016 I voted for a businessman, thinking the politicians have had years to get it right and had failed, so why not let someone new try? Someone who came to the job already a gazillionare, so I figured he had little incentive to sell us out, someone who knew how to make deals and profits and run this country like a business. Tomorrow I am voting for someone who has exceeded my expectations, under enormous pressure and never really given a fair shake by the MSM nor given credit for the many good things he has done for all of us. He could have walked away, and said ‘to hell with another 4 years of that BS’ - and would anyone that supports him have blamed him after what he has dealt with? Not me. But he didn’t. Because he isn’t finished. Because he knows that we need him for 4 more years. We need his confidence, his support, his love of this country and his knowledge of how to get things done!

Trump 2020

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re: Where the white women at?

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re: Where the white women at?
White, college educated, suburban woman here who enthusiastically voted Trump in 2016 and did so again in 2020!

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re: Where the white women at?
I know one white woman who voted for Trump a few days ago.

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re: Where the white women at?
My bitch already voted Trump.

PS I can call her a bitch because.....look at my name.

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