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re: Help me overcome my fear of wood smokers
I have a Primo Kamado and when I do a butt, I put it on at night, maybe have a cocktail while I make sure that it is cruising along at 225, and then go to bed. 12 hours later, I open the lid and take its temperature.

All the work is in prepping the butt. Cooking it, once you learn your grill, is easy. I typically cook a butt 12-14 hours, though I have gone as long as 22 hours. The longest I've kept a low (around 200-225) fire going in it was 36 hours without adding any fuel.

There are devices that you can get to better regulate the temperature and monitor the internal temperature of the meat. I do it the old fashioned way, but those devices will basically make your cook bullet-proof.

The main differences between a Weber and a Primo/BGE/KJ or other ceramic are the price and the insulating properties of the ceramic. With any cooker that lets you control the amount of air in and out, you can control the temperature. With a ceramic, you just have a very efficient fuel burner that holds a temperature for a long time on very little fuel. It also tends to ensure that the meat stays moist. And if you like, you can also open it up and sear a steak at 700 degrees.

Sam's and Costco often have pretty decent sales on various ceramics. Occasionally you will see a used one for sale. They tend to last forever, unless you drop them. Ceramics will break.
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re: Help me overcome my fear of wood smokers
I would say price range 400 -500

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re: Help me overcome my fear of wood smokers
If you go the stick burner route, old country pecos is the best in that price range. $400 from academy. It’s all welded construction whereas others in the price range, namely charbroil Oklahoma joes come in a box and you put it together. Thicker steel too and the exhaust is at grate level.

I spent about a month researching them and you’d have to spend $600 to modify a lesser pit into what the $400 pecos is right out of the store. I’ve done a pork butt, ribs, and a brisket out of it. It’s been running great, and I’m learning a lot on it.

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