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The most damning graph you'll ever see regarding the lies told by Joey, The IDIOT at WORK!

Posted on 5/21/24 at 9:25 am
Posted by Timeoday
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Posted on 5/21/24 at 9:25 am

Well, we’ve pinpointed the big, ugly disconnect in the Biden economy, and it’s a massive YIKES. While Team Biden clumsily tries to sell us on the idea that the economy is fantastic and we’re better off than ever, the grim reality just got blasted out for all to see in one of the most alarming graphs ever. It shows that since Biden took office, household net worth has plummeted, sharply contrasting the financial stability many enjoyed under President Trump.

Posted by I20goon
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Posted on 5/21/24 at 9:36 am to
Most of that negative blue line on the adjusted for inflation graph is blacks because the greatest path to "worth" is owning real estate.

Joe Biden hates black people.
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