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Tunisia in December

Posted on 10/19/23 at 7:52 am
Posted by CougarBait
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Posted on 10/19/23 at 7:52 am
Family that lives in Tunis and taking the wife and kids for Christmas. Playing actually going by ear since it’s Muslim and that world is pretty agitated right now. Brother in law and his fam live 2 blocks from the Mediterranean so that will be cool. How safe do you think it will be to go now? Things to def see and do? BIL says Tunis is chill and should be very safe but he would be living in Khartoum, Sudan if things worked out and that would have been a terrible mistake this past year. His idea of safe in North Africa is a little bit less cautious than mine.
Posted by Aubie Spr96
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Posted on 10/19/23 at 9:27 am to

he would be living in Khartoum, Sudan if things worked out

Sounds adventurous to say the least.
Posted by geauxpurple
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Posted on 10/19/23 at 1:12 pm to
We took a Mediterranean cruise a few years ago that was scheduled to stop in Tunis. Our tour included an excursion to Carthage, a city tour with time in the Old Town, and a visit to the big museum. I was looking forward to it because I had never been to Africa.

That morning we were just offshore within sight of the port, but we couldn't dock because the winds were too strong and the waves were too rough. We turned around and headed to Palermo.

A few months later there was a terrorist attack in which a bus full of tourists was shot up in the parking lot of the museum we were supposed to go to.

As a side note, there was another memorable thing about that morning. After we couldn't dock, we decided to have breakfast in the ship's dining room. Just as our food was arriving, the fire alarm went off and the captain came over the loudspeaker and said that it was not a drill but a real fire and ordered the fire team to their stations.
So much for a nice, relaxing breakfast.

The captain came on about 10 minutes later to praise the efforts of the fire team in extinguishing the blaze which turned out to be a smoke bomb designed for a fire drill that went off accidentally.

All was well after that, but for a while, there we were in what we thought was a floating inferno, off the coast of North Africa in gale force winds.

I will take a pass on going to North Africa right now, so if you go, please give us a report.

Posted by CougarBait
on catnip in a cougar's den
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Posted on 1/3/24 at 3:53 pm to
Awesome trip!!

Spent 4 days in Tunis and then road tripped to the Sahara. Saw the Coliseum the Roman’s built in El Jem, stayed at a cave hotel the Berbers used for eons, camped in the Sahara, based some cool adventures out of Tozuer, attended the Camel Festival in Douz, and visited the Grand Mosque in Kairoun. Arabs were super hospitable and ate some fantastic food!
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Posted by baldona
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Posted on 1/4/24 at 5:15 pm to
Great to hear. I’d love to see some pics. Wasn’t there a longer thread on this? I remember your post but I swear there was more than 2 replies.
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