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Warhammer 40k
I want to get into some awesome space marine scifi. What books are the best to start? I've heard differing opinions, some say Horus Heresy and others say the Eisenhorn books.

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re: Warhammer 40k
Eisenhorn is excellent, but is focused on the Inquisition and not space marines specifically. Both Eisenhorn and Ravenor series are incredible, if you are looking for more space marine battle action, I'd recommend the following:

Armageddon Omnibus
Space Wolf Omnibus
Ultramarines Omnibus
The Beast Arises series
Grey Knights Omnibus
Dark Angels series

Horus Heresy is great, as those other folks told you, but its going on 30 or 40 something novels at this point, so not the easiest to "finish" whereas the above series are all complete.

EDIT: should also add that there are a number of various anthologies called Space Marine Battles / Space Marines Conquests - - those would be good to start off with to give you some flavor of the different Space Marine chapters as they generally have some of their own individual tactics (stealthy vs speedy vs siege etc etc)

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re: Warhammer 40k
I'd recommend the Eisenhorn books as there are only 3 books in the original series.

I've read the first several Horus Heresy books and while a couple are outstanding, others I didn't care for. Probably because imo some of the authors aren't just as good as Abnett and McNeil. There are currently 50+ books in the series. I highly doubt I'll read even 1/4 of the books. Once it's finished I'll cherry pick which books to read and just read summaries of the others.

Also, I've read 2/3 of the Gaunt's Ghosts books which are pretty good. It's written by Abnett who wrote the Eisenhorn books and several of the Horus books. This series is based around an Imperial Guard unit so not as flashy as Space Marines or Inquisitors but still entertaining.

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re: Warhammer 40k

Gaunt's Ghosts books

I read the omnibus for the first three books in this series, which is the only Warhammer fiction I've read, and really enjoyed it.

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re: Warhammer 40k
Horus Heresy is a massive undertaking. I second the Gaunt’s Ghosts books though they focus on the Imperial Guard rather than space marines. Working through Cadia Stands also.

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