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Terry Pratchett
I haven’f read any of his work, but judging by his book covers and what the books are about, they look really interesting. Anyone here read Pratchett? And what books of his would you recommend?

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re: Terry Pratchett
I read one of his books and enjoyed it. It was Nightwatch I think. I need to read some more. He reminds me a bit of Neil Gaiman. If you haven't read American Gods, read that one right now. Great book.

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re: Terry Pratchett

Anyone here read Pratchett? And what books of his would you recommend?

Pratchett is fantastic. He has a number of books that are one offs, but many of his books are continuations of series that feature different groups of characters.

My favorite books of his are probably the City watch books, which start with the book Guards! Guards!

He has a series of books about the personification of Death that start with the book Mort and are quite good.

The Witches books are very good and you can start with Equal Rites or Wyrd Sisters.

If you want a one off book to try, Small Gods is really good and one of my favorites by Pratchett.

If you like his style of humor you really can't go far wrong with Pratchett though.

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re: Terry Pratchett
I am a big Pratchett fan.
Here is a guide to book reading order. He has several character groups that all exist in the same world, the Discworld. You can read any of the different character groups but it makes more sense if you read each group in the correct order.

FYI, I like the watch books the most, followed by the witch books.
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