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re: Origin by Dan Brown (possible spoilers?)
Other than the Winston character, I found this book to be dull. I read it over a weekend. The chapters were short. The story was shallow. Dan Brown was very lazy and didn't really develop any of the main characters. He just wrote this to collect a check. It was like reading a long children's book. Took me one weekend to read. Total letdown.

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re: Origin by Dan Brown (possible spoilers?)
Just finished this last night and I tend to agree with what most people have said already.

I was disappointed that there weren't more puzzles to solve, and it seemed to be a bit of a departure from the other Robert Langdon books.

I will say that once the presentation started, that was a real page turner for me.

Also, the two things I didn't see coming were the twist with the priest and then the final reveal of the mastermind behind the whole thing - although it did make perfect sense and I thought I should have figured it out well beforehand.

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