If you didn't already know, Baltimore Ravens WR Steve Smith Sr. isn't forgetting any time soon that the Panthers released him at the end of last season. So after scoring a touchdown last Sunday, in game he caught seven passes for 118 yards, he put the Carolina Panthers on blast...


The Ravens and Steve Smith Sr. host the Panthers on Sept. 28.

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LSU 318 LSU114 months
He's a mean, mean man
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Sid in Lakeshore114 months
I like the guy. Would love him on my team.
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la champ1114 months
No he doesn't need to let it go. He seems to motivated by doubters, critics and skeptics. That's how he has motivated himself his whole career, and his career has been very successful. Some guys can't play well with anger, a few like him are motivated by it.
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LSULyle00690114 months
Smith is really angry, that's not good, he needs to let it go and realize it's just a business
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A$AP Cocky114 months
too bad you still lost Smitty...with your starting QB playing
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Cousin114 months
I actually like this and will now tune in to Week
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