Wait a Second...QB Legend Doug Flutie has his very own Batmobile!?!
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Who knew Doug Flutie was such a Batman fan? The former QB legend was showing off his very own Batmobile around the Super Bowl in Tampa on Sunday...
Wish it was the Christian Bale Batmobile, but ok...

Seems 58-year-old Flutie is a big fan of the Caped Crusader -- he's had the car since 2019 ... and keeps it in a special "Batcave" at his Florida home where he also has a Batman arcade game and Batman pinball machine!!

The car also features a special red Batphone next to the driver's seat -- along with special racing seatbelts in the driver and passenger seats!

By the way, we're told Flutie was super nice when spotted at a gas station on Saturday morning -- taking pics with fans and chatting about the big game.

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Saw the pic before reading the headline and said to myself frick Skip Bayless
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