Raiders coach Jon Gruden Reacts To Hearing His Wife’s Name Called In Audible
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Here's the audible...
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During Sunday's Panthers vs. Raiders game, QB Derek Carr called an audible saying “Cindy Gruden, Tiger Woods” before handing off the ball off to Josh Jacobs. This was to the surprise of Gruden. Per the Las Vegas Review-Journal...

“Derek used my wife’s name on TV in one of his audibles, so it must not have been too loud in there,” Gruden said. “I’m still trying to figure out why Cindy Gruden’s name came up during the game. I’ve got to look into that.”
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Water Mocassin42 months
Woods probably bagged her too.
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Dubaitiger42 months
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Jack Ruby42 months
Pats used to have an audible "Linda Cougar" after Belichick's squeeze. This must be a thing in the NFL. There's lots of really fricked up people that are coaches. Rex Ryan loves feet. Other head coaches must have a cukhold fantasy.
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caliegeaux42 months
thats Carr’s hidden way of saying 1,2
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