This Illinois high school kid thought this crappy Johnny Manziel sign would seal the deal with his prom date. It did I guess the job. But this isn't even in the form of a question...
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Kids these days. I'm referring to Manziel.

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YogaPants100 months
I usually commend you, Lar, but this is all-time low
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LAHog124100 months
"It did I guess the job." Really, Larry?
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LSULyle00690100 months
What box did she check? The suspense is killing me
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CrazyCadillac100 months
Larry this is awful
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chalupa100 months
Not only is it awful, but Larry doesn't proof read anything he posts. "It did I guess the job."
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rockytop627100 months
Seriously Larry. When's the last time you've spent 5 uninterrupted minutes without looking up anything and everything having to do with Johnny Manziel?
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airportwhiskey100 months
Larry, it's time to reevaluate your life. This has been a long time coming.
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floyd of pink100 months
You posted a story about a fricking high school prom question? Jesus
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kilo1234100 months
Dipshit put a question mark at the end of a non-question sentence. She should have said "no, because you're an illiterate dumbass."
user avatar
txbd100 months
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