Check out these two separate fights that went down in the stands during Thursday night’s Texans vs. Colts game. Both sent Houston fans flying down stadium stairs...
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Rebel Land Shark101 months
lol frick the texans and their fans
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Capital Cajun101 months
Upper deck with grown arse men wearing jerseys. Trashy for sure.
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DoubleDown101 months
Notice how these fights always happen in the upper decks in CFB and the pro games? Trash gonna trash.
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greenbastard101 months
Being from Houston, I can say this with certainty; Houston pro fans are THE stupidest fans out there. Texans games are filled with nothing but fat hood rat cholas wearing JJ Watt jerseys bigger than what JJ Watt wears during the game and drunk Pasadena white trash who are too old to be drunk off of Pabst Blue Ribbon and cursing at little kids. Some of Houston's most dangerous hoods are safer than a Texans game.
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LSUballs101 months
Your mom pushed you down some stairs Lurry
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Biggereztiger101 months
Am I missing something?
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Scooby101 months
You're a liar Larry
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OKTiger83101 months
Larry :bow:
Outstanding work, sir!
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pellietigersaint101 months
nice vid
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heypaul101 months
I don't see anything...
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