We're usually talking about Syracuse basketball in March, but with the Orangmen not even in the tournament, let's talk football. On Monday afternoon, Cuse unveiled these new orange uniforms for 2015...
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Porter Osborne Jr107 months
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InVolNerable107 months
They haven't been the Orangemen since 2004.
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atltiger6487107 months
Not the Orangemen anymore. Guess they couldn't stand to have the word "men" in the nickname. Now of course we all know that "Orangemen" doesn't mean Orange "males" but it was just too much to stomach for the feminists. Just more politically correct nonsense.
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OleRockyTop107 months
Little early for uniforms Syracuse
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Dr. Morgus107 months
they'll look good losing to the Tigers in those
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Roses of Crimson107 months
Another school that just has it all wrong with thinking uniforms make the difference.
Get you a uni and wear it but you need PLAYERS.
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derSturm37107 months
Now we just need to find some orange people somewhere and say that their nickname is racist.
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