Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Linebacker Alex Highsmith had a big day for the Steelers, racking up 2.5 sacks. But the team's celebration following one of those sacks was just not great, given the current circumstances of the week...
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SomeLSUguy13 months
I saw it as a tribute to the guys/trainers who saved Damar... If the guys in the NFL that are on the field every Sunday get outraged about it, then I will take their word for it that it was offensive.
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MrKnowItAll13 months
Those "A lot of People" need to quit being "A lot of Drama Queens"
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ncinthenext313 months
So sensitive....and that 'celebration' has been around a long time. A lot Longer than these drama seekers have been posting "pray for Damar".
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TFH13 months
Huh. Literally never seen that in over 30 years of playing and watching football.
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WhoDatNC13 months
People are butt hurt about everything. Also, not everybody thinks about that situation every second of the day. I guess people can no longer do this "cpr" gesture?
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CDawson13 months
Does anything happen that people don't get upset about?
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Tshiz13 months
Who cares
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