Skip Bayless is a big Deion Sanders fan and yesterday he dropped this huge steaming hot take about the Colorado head coach after his 2-0 start...
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genuineLSUtiger9 months
He’s right you know.
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ALhunter9 months
This is so dumb. The NFL is a mental game. There's no recruiting in the NFL, which is Prime's biggest advantage. Why give up your advantage? You also can't walk in and start bigtiming NFL guys.
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HubbaBubba9 months
Sean Peyton would be a better candidate. Jerry would never hire him, though, because he already jilted Jerry as Sean was the "HC in Waiting" when he left to take over the Saints.
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MasterKnight9 months
If Deion makes a bowl game with Colorado in his first year, I can see 2 NFL teams go after him. Dallas and Atlanta if both of those teams fail to make the playoffs or go deep in playoffs. Jones and Blank would make make Deion highest paid coach.
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Thracken139 months
nah - Deion's motivation works great in the college ranks, but that would likely not translate well to the NFL - look at Spurrier and Saban as examples - amazing, legendary college coaches - but the NFL doesn't let the same coaching and motivation style work. I would include CUM, but he is just a frickign a-hole and shitty person.
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Tshiz9 months
Can’t do any worse
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I somewhat agree
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