Washington Redskins WR Terrelle Pryor let a heckling Chiefs fan get to him while walking into the tunnel after Monday nights game. Warning: language not safe for work...


As he’s entering the tunnel, the wideout drops an f-bomb and 1-finger salute on the heckler — which got more K.C. fans to clap back.

But Terrelle REALLY lost it when the same guy called him a “little p*ssy” … to the point where a team staffer had to step in and restrain him. At one point, Pryor acts like he’s going to swing his helmet at the fan but stops himself.
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Mr. Hangover77 months
OMG OMG DRAMA!!!! He said the F word and the P word.... stupid childish arse headlines
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Hogwarts77 months
Alcohol makes stupid people much louder and more stupid.
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thotpocket77 months
more stupider**
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