Former Georgia and now Kansas City Chiefs QB Aaron Murray saw his girlfriend, Kacie McDonnell, get sniffed by a colleague on Fox 29 in Philadelphia this morning. The sniffer? Mike Jerrick. Why the sniffing? She was wearing something called Beer Shampoo. And now, the sniff...

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I'd sniff her every five minutes.
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WalkingTurtles115 months
Still prefer Blake Bortles Girlfriend
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87BAMAGRAD117 months
(S)he must be a tranny, cuz we know how Aaron Murray is.
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roadhouse117 months
She's totally into it
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Foolish cock117 months
Would pound to jelly
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Slippy117 months
She's not even that hot.
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TigerB8117 months
He's getting into it....eyes closed perve style. He shouldn't hold back and do an impression of that creature in the movie Jeepers Creepers.
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Signal Soldier117 months
I'd sniff her butt fo sho
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