Caroline Panthers Attempted A Rare Fair Catch Free Kick At End Of The Half
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The Carolina Panthers faced off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in London on Sunday and were up 17-7 near the end of the first half when they did something almost never seen in the NFL. Per The Big Lead...

The Panthers called a fair catch on the ball and had possession with one second remaining. They then invoked the exceptionally rare "fair catch free kick rule", where they were granted a free kick from the 50-yard line instead of lining up for a regular field goal, which would have run the risk of a block or fumble.
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Not a terrible idea.

(The Big Lead)
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Veritas53 months
My high school team practiced this. I was so confused the first time our coaches explained it.
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mr bunion53 months
The Pampers
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lsuohiofan53 months
Not that the the game is halfway understood in England anyways! This just confused them more!
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crewdepoo53 months
I guess you turn the ball over at the spot of the kick?
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atltiger648753 months
end of the half, so it didn't matter. I was aware of this rule and surprised I've never seen it in all my years.
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