The NFL announced Monday afternoon that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been suspended for the first four games of the NFL season for his involvement in "Deflategate."

On top of Brady being suspended, the Patriots will also be fined $1 million dollars and will lose their 1st round draft pick in 2016 and their 4th round pick in 2017.

Brady will miss games against Pittsburgh, at Buffalo, against Jacksonville, and at Dallas. He will be eligible to return on October 18th at Indianapolis.

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Then drop the mike & walk off the stage. While wearing a Darren Shaper jersey.
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Brady should give Goodell the finger and walk away from the NFL just before the season starts--he and the wife surely don't need the money at this juncture and he is approaching retirement soon anyway.

He should then publicaly announce that Goodell is a buffoon inept to run the NFL.
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