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Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning was voted the Most Respected Player by his peers. Per ESPN...

As part of ESPN's NFL Nation Confidential survey of more than 320 players, the questions were asked, "If you had to start a team with one player, whom would it be?" and "Which player do you respect the most?"

And (Peyton) Manning was the top choice for both.
Here is what Manning had to say:

"I don't know about all of the votes, or how it was done, but I certainly appreciate those players ... feeling that way."

"I think team success is the No. 1 thing, and that's about the time you put in, the work you put in as a team to reach goals, to execute, to put yourselves in position. I guess I've always felt like individual things are nice and you're thankful, but the success of your team, that's what is at the heart of everything."
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