Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning is working out with his wide receivers this week at Duke University. Denver wide receiver Eric Decker posted a picture of an invoice Manning sent to him for working out with him. Decker tweeted...

"Nice little practical joke Peyton drew up...making me think I have to pay for workouts in Duke t/week"

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SaintLSUnAtl130 months
He proabably would have bought it if the airport shuttle wasn't free. Nothing airport related is free
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Broham130 months
He got the subtotal wrong, should be $3100....LOL
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lsu480130 months
I called it...the lady that answered the phone said "Denver Broncos"!
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GTHTSUN130 months
Who is going to be the first person to call that number and see if Eric Decker answers?
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Harry Caray130 months
Boy that's a hoot.
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