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Looks like the NFL is attempting to fix their awful officiating with some new technology. Per CBS...

The NFL is moving forward this preseason with an optical tracking system for line-to-gain rulings, sources tell CBS Sports. The system had been tried out in a few NFL stadiums this past season, and it will get a full preseason trial this summer.

If the trial goes well and everyone's on board, the tracking system will be implemented full time for the 2024 NFL regular season, sources say.

In March, the NFL's competition committee quietly approved its use across all teams in the preseason. But before the league fully implements it for the full season, it wants to make sure the system works well enough to be trusted.
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6R1223 days
Que in that ref that spots the ball, looks at the marker and re-spots the ball by moving it forward 2 feet to make sure it's a first down.
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Tigrdynasty22 days
The bama bump
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MC560123 days
On one hand it's nice how precise this system is but on the other, leaving it up to the refs does add an exciting human element the the game with the potential for a small mistake that may either help or hurt your team
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