The Buffalo Bills are getting ready to map out what their new stadium will look like to be ready for 2026. On Thursday, they released the first digital renderings of what the stadium will look like and apparently they plan to put three absolutely massive bronze buffalo statues right outside the stadium and we got our first look at it...
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GoldenAge16 months
I've seen this one before, giant golden bull statues. . . .
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TouchdownTony16 months
Atta boy Buffalo for not building a dome when you are actually one of the teams that could rightfully use one. Hats off to you, the Packers, Bears, Chiefs, Browns and Steelers.
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ncinthenext316 months
Glad it's not a dome.
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Captain Lafitte16 months
No Bronco?
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cajunmud16 months
Yeah, shouldn't it be a statue of a couple of Bills...maybe 3 or 4 Bills?
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JackieTreehorn16 months
Always thought their logo should be the guy from silence of the lambs.
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Nix to Twillie16 months
Instead of pom poms for the fans...lotion.
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6R1216 months
No roof for the cold, No wanna go. That it really stupid now days to have a stadium that will have rain, snow, cold, heat etc to affect the play and players of the game. I know others will disagree but no need to not have a roof over every stadium with climate control.
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HonoraryCoonass16 months
Waste of money. Fans like to take pictures of themselves with statues. “Here’s a pic of Marge and me next to a hoof.” Scale it way down. Also, “Bills” is a stupid nickname.
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TigersN_Beer16 months
You a Patriots, Jets or Miami fan? Or just a stupid human being?

Hmmm, guess those aren't mutually exclusive.. .
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