Michael Irvin Shares his
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Former Cowboy great and Hall of Fame WR Michael Irvin shared his thoughts on Terrell Owens not attending his induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Per ESPN...

“I was disappointed that we will be cheated as a Hall of Fame team, one of our teammates, that he took that decision (to skip the ceremonies),” Irvin said. “Of course everybody says, ‘He has the right to make the decision.’ Yes, he does and we have the right to say we don’t like it. It is what it is. And I’m also disappointed because, you know, we fought for T.O. It wasn’t like T.O. had said that it didn’t matter, ‘I don’t care about being in the Hall,’ or, ‘I don’t care about that at all.’ Then everybody wouldn’t have invested emotions and feelings into it and we did … We talked about it, tried to get him in. We talked about it on air because he rightfully belongs in there. Then he gets in and he makes that decision, I was absolutely disappointed about it.”
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Sody Cracker68 months
Larry, your abuse of language is criminal.
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1968 months
Well the NFL couldn't guarantee TO that George Teague wouldn't show up...duh-uhhhhh
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BowDownToLSU68 months
T.O. has always been an attention whore , hopefully we never have to hear from him again
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YStar68 months
You are one too... only difference is people actually care about what he does.
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ByUselves68 months
Really Ystar? I dont care what TO does or doesn't do. But I am glad to see MI showing out in his prison oranges!
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