Johnny Manziel Fires Back At ESPN's Merril Hoge
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
ESPN NFL analyst Merril Hoge doesn't hold back when it comes to critiquing young players. He's been especially hard on Browns QB Johnny Manziel over the last couple years. On Monday he had this to say about Johnny Football on ESPN...

“Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Baltimore, they love the plan that Cleveland’s under,” Hoge said. “Keep going down that plan because all you do is set your organization back one more year by babysitting and trying to get this guy as your starting quarterback.

“So keep doing that for the other teams. But if you want to move on, cut bait, get another guy in there and go another direction. Immediately. Cut bait. Move on.”
When Manziel was asked about this on Friday, he went straight for the neck...tie....
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Hoge's tie knots are ridiculous...

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YellowShoe106 months
"Hodge beat cancer" - so does he get to act like a dick? Politeness is not political correctness, it is good manners.
user avatar
easy money106 months
Hoge is a turd who puts himself and his own career into as many conversations as possible. That being said, Manziel is annoying as well.
user avatar
Schmelly106 months
Manziel decided to come out???? The Aggies must be so proud! I mean I knew they loved him...but now??? Knowing that he's reeeeaaally one of them? STATUE
user avatar
PhilipMarlowe106 months
I don't. But not because of his "issues", but because he's just not a good nfl qb. Though he has the deck stacked against him being with the Browns.
user avatar
BoudreauxinGA106 months
Does anyone think JFF will keep his issues at bay long enough to develop into a franchise QB?
user avatar
PhilipMarlowe106 months
Does anybody take Meryl seriously?
user avatar
TigahRag106 months
Hodge beat cancer. Manziel couldn't beat John Chavis.
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