I know it's late in the game, but if you're looking for ways to freak out your friends and family with Christmas cards, may I recommend these bad boys...

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The card reads...

“May the Love of Jesus

Fill Your Heart and the Hearts of your Loved Ones

In This Joyful Christmas Season

And Throughout the Coming Year!”
You can find this gem on ebay here.
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LSUbest147 months
Completely without class.
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slogolf147 months
He's a winner and thats the bottom line!
He's won every place he has ever played.
He's not my favorite he just wins and if I had a team I would love to have him on it (playing behind A Rogers)!
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GOP_Tiger147 months
That can't be an officially licensed product. Someone is going to get sued.
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emanresu147 months
Even Jesus is like, "Whoa dude. Ease up with the Jesus talk."
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