Jerry Jones Makes His Opinion On Daniel Snyder Very Clear
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In a recent interview with Bob Costas, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was asked if the scandals surrounding Washington owner Daniel Snyder have become a liability for the NFL. His answer...

“No,” Jones responded.
He continued...

“I’m very into and familiar with our investigation at the league level. Completely satisfied that we’ve gone into that completely.”

“And I do know that what he’s doing and what he had begun doing before we’d finished the investigation was a recognition of how important the workplace and our workplace conduct is around the NFL.”

“So I’m satisfied with not only what is being done there but satisfied with what we’re doing about it in the NFL,” Jones concluded.
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user avatar
TheRouxGuru27 months
Why in the frick is Congress investigating in NFL franchise? Such a horrible use of time and resources
user avatar
Kankles27 months
If they're going to do that, might as well investigate the NFL itself. Must be a particular axe to grind.
user avatar
BigDawg042027 months
In other words, please stop investigating league owners because I'd be fricked if you read my old emails.
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