Jaguars Fans Are Planning To Revolt On Sunday With This Stunt
Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports
Jacksonville Jaguars fans have had enough. According to a report, a number of Jaguars fans plan to wear clown costumes to this Sunday’s game in protest of the team’s latest front-office decisions...

“Frustrated fans are revolting against the Jaguars and have Khan in their crosshairs,” reports Mark Long of the AP.

“Hundreds, if not thousands, have changed their social media profile pics to a clown donning Khan’s signature mustache. And they’ve started replying to every Jaguars post or live feed with countless clown emojis. Next up: They’re planning to don clown costumes – red rubber noses, face paint and colorful wigs, at the very least – when the Jaguars (2-14) host Indianapolis (9-7) at TIAA Bank Field on Sunday.”

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Thracken1326 months
10'sof 20's of fan's will protest - that's what it should have read
user avatar
FaCubeItches26 months
Hundreds of Jaguars fans going to the game dressed as clowns seems within the realm of possibility, but not thousands. There's no way the Jaguars have thousands of fans.
user avatar
kjntgr26 months
So KHAN IS A clown for hiring URBAN? I mean at the time it was a hell of a hire, no one could have predicted it would go down like that
user avatar
starkvingrad26 months
Uh, yes. Yes he is
user avatar
Signal Soldier26 months
user avatar
BigPerm3026 months
Dude laughs in their face while he’s sitting in his $100 million house while the dumb fans keep paying $18 a beer on a welders salary. I think he has the last laugh.
user avatar
Bamafan2426 months
TV deals will bring in millions even for the worst teams.
user avatar
bigman33426 months
how about donning long girly hair as well. he is shite also
user avatar
Northshoretiger8726 months
Paying to show up at the game. Can’t think of a better way to stick it to the man.
user avatar
Beats2Geaux26 months
So they will be planning to wear Jaguars uniforms?
user avatar
Marco Esquandolas26 months
and those same idiots have already put a down payment on tickets for next season…
user avatar
Animal26 months
I am sure the billionaire gives a shit.
user avatar
lsutigersFTW26 months
I mean the Khan Family despite having the best wrestling promotion in the United States, are soft as baby poop. I imagine that Tony is preparing to cry about this on social media
user avatar
SoFla Tideroller26 months
That’ll show ‘em.
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