Gracie Hunt, living that "my family owns the Kansas City Chiefs" life in Hawaii...

sland itinerary: Head over to the blog for my Hawaii roundup of activities, adventures, places to stay, & more!

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Jwils10 months
Seems much prettier when she's not posing.
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JackieTreehorn10 months
Places to stay. That is if your great grandfather was a multi millionaire.
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CanebreakCajun10 months
She has worked very hard, for a long, long time. We cannot fathom the long hours and sacrifices she has made. This woman has put in dozens and dozens of volunteer hours. She earned this.
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Xhero10 months
Plus, she's just an average looking peroxide-dyed bimbo that some retard thinks is just extremely beautiful.
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brett40810 months
Hopefully, she has Christ in her life. Getting to involved in worldly things may bite you in the rear in the end.
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jjv000410 months
clearly slumming it in this life........
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ncinthenext310 months
Would smash the rich chick.
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jatilen10 months
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Redbone10 months
I'd be #blessed if I got to #smash daddies little #gurl.
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