Her Kansas City Chiefs are 1-0, so Gracie Hunt celebrated on Monday with a winning workout...

Ignore the doubt. Start moving.

Monday Motivation:
Kicking off the week with one of my favorite on the road workouts. All you need is a resistance band.

Do 15-20 reps for each exercise. Repeat the circuit three times. Control & form over speed.

Circuit details:
~Banded lateral raise
~Banded front squat
~Banded lateral walk
~Banded side step squats
~Banded kickbacks
~Banded curtsy lunge
~Banded flutter kicks
~Banded side plank hip abduction
~Banded clamshells
~Banded lateral leg lifts
~Banded side plank high pull
~Banded deadlifts

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user avatar
biglego10 months
I’d eat her arse
user avatar
Nole Man10 months
How can I fix my head tilt?
"Push your head forward until you feel the stretch through your throat. Hold for five seconds, then release. Gently tilt your head to the side, attempting to touch your ear to your shoulder, until you feel a mild stretch. Hold for five seconds, release, then repeat on the other side."
user avatar
dbbuilder7910 months
They say you're not supposed to use silicone lube on silicone toys. Even though the rant hates her, I still wood.
user avatar
Sp072810 months
Can we stop with this ugly chick ?
user avatar
dstone1210 months
Larry “flatline father” Leo, everyone.
user avatar
Wabbit710 months
Time for a new job Larry
user avatar
jatilen10 months
Larry, your father has requested more Giusy and less Gracie
user avatar
Lynxrufus201210 months
0-1. They lost to the Lions. Your poor father.
user avatar
bengalman10 months
Lifestyles of the rich, famous and useless
user avatar
scrooster10 months
So true.
user avatar
Biff Pocoroba10 months
user avatar
FlyinTiger9310 months
Needs to do more squats. No arse.
user avatar
TigerCoon10 months
My favorite is her banded clamshell
user avatar
Bayoubred10 months
The Chiefs are 1-0? News to most of the civilized world. Who types this up?
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