Floyd Mayweather Has A $20 Million Offer For Any NFL To Sign Antonio Brown
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Antonio Brown says he won't be a problem for an NFL franchise and his buddy, Floyd Mayweather, is willing to bet on it. On “The Pivot” podcast (h/t Kevin Skiver of The Sporting News), the boxer said he’d give $20 million to any team that signs Brown and presents this proposal...
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Breauxsif24 months
“for any NFL” bravo Larry, bravo!!!
user avatar
HubbaBubba24 months
How about, no.
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Lucky Loper24 months
Just give the $20 million to AB instead. No NFL team needs Bryant. Good riddance and good luck in the USFL or XFL
user avatar
blueboxer111924 months
Lol. Like he would cough up any cash. He's as likely to pay as AB is to pay his "assistants" and housekeepers he owes shitloads of money to.
user avatar
ElTigreFuego24 months
How about instead of giving $20 million he has to read a page of Harry Potter in live tv.
user avatar
jnethe124 months
Damn you! I just laughed so damn hard in the middle of a class.
user avatar
ScoobyDont24 months
Floyd is not the brightest bulb in the box. A reporter was given a tour of the house by Mayweather. There was a check in a frame hanging on the wall. It was an uncashed check for a million dollars.
user avatar
Redhead5724 months
Just wish Floyd could have fought sugar ray or the hitman Hearns. He’s an idiot. A million dollars. That could feed a lot of hungry children.
user avatar
Placekicker24 months
He’d be good for the first season. In year two, however, he starts to self destruct. I think that there are some deep rooted issues about allowing himself to be happy. I wish he would get the help he needs.
user avatar
weurf324 months
That's not how this works
user avatar
ItNeverRains24 months
I’d sign him, take the 20M, And then cut him.
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