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Former San Francisco 49ers long snapper Brian Jennings says Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton owes him $25,000. Not because of a bet or some loan, but because he says at the 2012 Pro Bowl, Newton, a rookie then, did nothing but mess around instead of preparing for the game with teammates Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. According to Jennings, that lack of preparation cost the NFC players the $25,000 winners bonus. The NFC lost 59-41.

Here’s what Jennings said, in a light-hearted tone, during an interview with KNBR’s morning show with Murph and Mac on Wednesday...

“Cam Newton owes me $25,000, a lot of people don’t know that… I was fortunate enough to go to the Pro Bowl in 2011. We’ve got Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, it’s the Green Bay offense. We’ve got Drew Brees at quarterback with his playbook all week, studying making sure he knows the plays.

“And we got Cam Newton all week with his headphones on goofing off. We go into the game, and this guy is chucking the ball all over the place, and everybody is looking around going, ‘What’s this guy doing? Is he kidding?’ The punter and I look at each other and say, ‘We are going to have a long second half.’ We punted five times in the Pro Bowl.

“I mean, he went in there and stank it up. He never looked at his playbook, he’s chucking the ball all over the place. He can’t hit the open guy. So, not a lot of people know this, but Cam Newton owes me $25,000.”
You can read the full story here.
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Placebeaux125 months
Whoops. I accidentally hit the report abuse button.

I see the long snappers point.
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bperki6125 months
Meh, I say Cam should go ahead and give the unemployed long snapper the 25 Gs out of charity- it is only a tenth of what he made at Auburn. Plus, J.R Smith had to pay twice that for trying to untie some shoes; where is the fairness in that?
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Yellerhammer5125 months
Filed under panters.
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Urban OhiO125 months
I'm shocked.
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