A few weeks ago Mike Ditka let one rip on ESPN's "Monday Night Countdown". Before last night's game between the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills, it sounds like Da Coach farted again...
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I don't know. This is suspect.
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goatmilker101 months
It looks to be a contract issue. As in I will let em rip until you give me what I want...maybe just out, or the ratings improve with each blast. Pick you poison LOL.
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aubby57101 months
Carter is holding his breath lol!
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SaintsSBXLIV101 months
FT, because we are guys and no guy can ever turn down a good fart joke.
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FT101 months
Why is this so funny?
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goodgrin101 months
Damn! Someone get that man some Beano tabs before going on TV!!!
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Gumbo1101 months
I am surprised Berman didn't bitch up a storm since he is known to be a real dick when someone distracts him. However if he were to go off on Ditka, the old coach would kick his arse.
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PeteRose101 months
From carter's reaction, I'd say yes
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