Carrie Underwood welcomed fans back to NBC's "Sunday Night Football" last night. According to reports, the popular country music star makes an insane amount of money from the NFL gig. Per

Now in her 10th season as the "Sunday NIght Football" performer, some have wondered how much the Grammy award-winning artist is paid. According to, she is paid approximately $1 million each week. Therefore, she totals about $18 million a season for her performances.

As one of the most famous country music artist of all time, there is clearly a big price tag to have her represent the sport.
(The Spun)
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DVinBR10 months
literally the worst intro to any football game
user avatar
6R1210 months
Sadly companies think that we listen to celebrities' opinions to decide how to buy. Maybe a small segment of society does but most people know those celebrities drive up the prices. I hate added cost to pay some idiot.
user avatar
jatilen10 months
F this ho, bring back Hank
user avatar
Zzyzx10 months
Does it change every week? I thought it was just a repeat of one song the whole season
user avatar
biglego10 months
Wow. NFL could’ve paid any no name singer a fraction of that and ratings would be unchanged. Nobody tunes in bc of her lol
user avatar
cajunmud10 months
And the songwriter gets $1k/week.
user avatar
RichJ10 months
Best legs in music, period…
user avatar
benoit47910 months
Beyonce and it ain't even close
user avatar
AUdime10 months
$18 mil to perform a Joan Jett cover.
user avatar
jrobic410 months
1. That's insane--they are idiots for not paying her to record the song and retaining all rights. I am sure there is someone just as famous willing to do it for cheaper
2. She is not Country, AT ALL
3. Wood anyway
user avatar
Coater10 months
I think they tweak it each week depending on who is playing
But, yeah, seems like a waste of money
user avatar
TFH10 months
Faith Hill had a much better voice.
user avatar
Redbone10 months
Looks better nekkid though.
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