During his regular appearance on "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd, Sean Payton revealed what it would take for a team to acquire him via trade with the Saints...
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rtr2324252613 months
new orleans is a dumpster fire of course he should have gotten out
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Sissidog0213 months
It wasn’t lit til he left, the dumpster fire, if NO gets Aaron R or R Wilson, 2yrs ago he’s still here
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tjtiger913 months
Nope, should be more. And frick Loomis if he agrees to that shite. Did LA get more for Gruden? Not sure and not history buff.
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Alexsportsdad13 months
Really don’t care what Sean says ever since he quit on the Saints. All great coaches try to rebuild their teams not quit on them and join another team.
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Champagne13 months
We'll see whether or not he is really one of the "great coaches".
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PeleofAnalytics13 months
Does this rule only apply to pro coaches?
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fierysnowman13 months
Maybe Sean just wanted to get out of a city that’s hemorrhaging police officers, has dozens of vehicle burglaries during professional games, really shitty leadership, and murders on the reg.
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tonydtigr13 months
Well, we're waiting, Larry.
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TommyDaTiger13 months
You’re killing your father Larry
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