Jameis Winston Shares His 1 Major Focus Next Season
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While talking to reporters, New Orleans Saints QB Jameis Winston shared what parts of his game he's been working on...

“I’m really excited to focus on my intermediate accuracy,” Winston explained, via “Getting those easy completions to Alvin Kamara. … We saw that in the [win over the Seahawks], how effective that was. You know, really perfecting the passes from behind the line of scrimmage to 10 yards down the field.”

“I know I can make the big plays,” Winston said. “But really just staying in the rhythm of completing the football, keeping the offense going throughout the course of a game is something that I’ve been able to focus on.”
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Strannix23 months
We ridin, good luck Jameis!
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eddieray23 months
I love Jameis, screw the haters
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LSUtoBOOT23 months
Crab legs?
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MSTiger3323 months
One not 1
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