Jameis Winston Dancing At Practice To Techno Music Today Made Me Uncomfortable
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New Orleans QB Jameis Winston looks like he's feeling loose...maybe even a little too loose...
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3PieceSpicy30 months
The NFL will probably send a fine in the mail to Jameis if they see this.
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FenrirTheBeard30 months
At least he had his clothes on.
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GaryGator30 months
Quite possibly one of the dumbest men to ever wear a NFL uniform.
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Ziggy5230 months
You never saw Brees acting a fool
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LSUrme30 months
That's racist.
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Bucktail130 months
Except when he was on his knees
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CajunBullet30 months
He was too busy practicing his retirement move..."Kneeling"!
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FowlGuy30 months
Pelvic thrust.
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy30 months
Turbulence is a great track
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JackieTreehorn30 months
Everything I love about New Orleans
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biglego30 months
Eat the W
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Pulparindo30 months
#1 and #2 should just butt frick each other.
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Strannix30 months
They did the right thing but couldnt help being butthurt and salty
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