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The Denver Broncos officially made Sean Payton their new head coach on Tuesday, acquiring the one-time Super Bowl champion in a trade with the New Orleans Saints. Here are the details of his trade and contract...

It took a while but the Broncos eventually negotiated the price down although Sean Payton was still expensive. The Broncos surrendered their first-round draft pick, No. 29 overall, plus their second-round pick in 2024 to the Saints in exchange for Sean Payton and New Orleans' third-round in 2024.

"The parameters of Payton's contract had been agreed to although details were still being worked out as of Tuesday evening," Klis wrote. "Payton was expected to receive a contract of at least five years worth somewhere between $17 million and $20 million a year."
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StrikeIndicator13 months
I sometimes wonder what’s going through the GM/owners head while sitting in their suite. I look across at Loomis and he’s just sitting by himself below Ms. B.
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Mr Happy13 months
I wish we could get draft picks for Dennis Allen. I'd even throw in the transgendered Saintsation.
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DVinBR13 months
washed up, nothing without Brees
user avatar
BowDownToLSU13 months
Right Dennis
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cajunmud13 months
He was wanting $20-$25M/yr. So, his tactic seemed to have worked. Read somewhere the other day that a good coach should get half of what a good QB gets per year nowadays. Looks like this is in the ballpark.
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Bamafan2413 months
Isn't there a buyout clause?
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