David Stern is finally making his voice heard about the New Orleans Hornets changing their name, especially when it comes to changing it to the "Jazz"...

“It belongs to Utah,” Stern said. “I wouldn’t make it such an important point. There are many things that are indigenous to the area. I’m sure there will be some wonderful nicknames (suggestion).”
Well then, that's settled.


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Francis Marion142 months
maybe yall could be the polygamists?
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airbornetiger142 months
Uh, do you actually relize the JAZZ was the nickname of the New Orleans basketball team BEFORE that team went to Utah? It isn't as if Utah originally had the name,which makes no sense BTW.

All pro-sports should make teams select new nicknames when they move, so the spirit and the history stays with the losing city should they get a replacement team. The COLTS should have remained with the city of Baltimore, the Rams should have remained with Los Angeles, and the Jazz should have remained with NOLA----at least they got it right for the Browns.
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jdutto3142 months
Why would we give up Saints? New Orleans and southern Louisiana have one of the highest populations of Catholics in the country.

Not like we are the New Orleans Mormons ;)
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BYULSUalum142 months
Uh, Utah would give up the "Jazz" name if y'all could convince New Orleans to give up the "Saints"... ;)
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