Anthony Davis Could've Taken Home $24 Million On Thursday
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis was not named to the All-NBA first, second or third team on Thursday...

CollegeSpun explains this well...

This is because of the “Derrick Rose Rule,” put in place in the collective bargaining agreement in 2011. The rule allows players signed to a five-year deal to receive a higher percentage of the salary cap if they either 1. win MVP (as Rose did) 2. get voted as a starter to two All-Star teams or 3. make two All-NBA teams while on their rookie contract. Davis had not won MVP or been a starter on two All-Star teams, but he did make an All-NBA team last season. So, if he had made one this season, he would have qualified for the Rose Rule, which would have made his contract worth $145 million over the five years.
That would have been a nice bonus, eh?


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So nice to see these spoiled athletes giving back to the struggling owners
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that's gonna go to other players you tard. such a fricking commie
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