In the second game of Tuesday's college softball doubleheader against Robert Morris, Youngstown State quickly evaded a bases-loaded jam with a nice triple play...
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Kaprion13 months
This wasn't a triple play. The runner coming from 1st base was out before the short stop received the ball and tagged 2nd base. Because the runner from 1st base was already out, there was no pressure for the runner on 2nd base to return to the bag. Stepping on the bag by the short stop did not create an out. The runner needed to be tagged by the short stop. Because the runner from 2nd base was not tagged, the runner from 3rd base could have scored; and the runner from 2nd base had the option of remaining on 2nd base or running to 3rd base. The play was not over when they called a triple play. Triple play was a terrible call.
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CDawson13 months
I have determined that you have no idea what you are talking about. Once the fly ball is caught by the second basemen, the other two runners are out for not tagging up if the bag is touched before they return. These are force out and the runners do not need to be touched by the defender/ball.
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elposter13 months
That runner on second needs to sit a game for that awful baserunning.
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OGTiger13 months
Too bad there were only about 10-12 people at the game to witness it.
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Redbone13 months
Any trannies in on that??
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nol1wph13 months
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Rouge13 months
And boom goes the dynamite.
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