The Liberty Bowl was quite the physical game on Monday. Even West Virginia's kicker Josh Lambert was a part of the action. Here he is getting a little cup check from Texas A&M DB De'Vante Harris after one of his field goal kicks...

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The play resulted in a roughing the kicker penalty and Lambert was down for a few minutes.
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Lsu101205110 months
Must of been the move they used to get Chavis.
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theBru110 months
should have been an excessive celebration penalty on WVU...
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Tactical Insertion 110 months
Somebody's holding a pound of Aunt Betty's Nut Butter!
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Croacka110 months
Doesn't look like he got hit....more like fondled
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Violent Tally110 months
Thats not a foul in College Station.Have you see the yell leaders?
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Hugo Stiglitz110 months
Typical Aggie move right there, going for the dick like that.
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