During the New Mexico Bowl on Saturday, Washington State QB Connor Halliday and Colorado State defensive line coach Greg Lupfer exchanged words after a Cougars touchdown pass. You can read Lupfer’s lips yourself to decipher what f-words are shared...

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LSU 318 LSU122 months
That Colorado State coach went all Rob Ryan on his arse
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LSUsuperfresh122 months
"The rams say get back to your side of the field." :dunno:
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Jefferson Dawg122 months
I saw this live, but there's better replays of it than the one you provide.

He clearly says, "frick you! frickin fa**ot!" Which is pretty hilarious, imo.

The PC police and the finger-wagging busy-bodies are going to hang this dude though.

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NastyTiger122 months
For you my friend?
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