Check out this sizzle reel of outtakes of EPSN's Tommy Tuberville and Mike Patrick from Saturday's Oklahoma State/Iowa State Game...
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bamagreycoat75 months
After hearing Tuberville on Finebaum talk about what it would take to be a successful AD, I gotta say I was impressed. If I'm Auburn or Arkansas I would give serious consideration to hiring Tubs as athletic director. The man knows his stuff. And this is coming from a Bama fan that wanted to shop Tubs' hand off after he help up five fingers in 2006, in Tuscaloosa.
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I’m sure that the police dept really appreciated the Barney Fife reference. And the women probably enjoyed the dick joke. All these guys are so fake when they’re in front of a camera (except for probably the SEC homeboys Booger, Tebow, and Pawl). I bet they aren’t institutionalized as much yet.
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